What We Do


We are a certified organic company with a team of trained organic land care professionals. Our gardens are organically managed. We offer both an organic lawn program and a biological lawn program.

Organic Practices

Organic land care uses no synthetic inputs. Instead, we follow Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) certified practices and products to promote and enhance natural soil microbe activity in the soil through proper nutrient placement and regenerative practices. We use and highly recommend Organic Plant Magic fertilizer. To learn more about this incredible product, visit www.organicplantmagic.com About-med

Biological Practices

Our Lawn Biological Program addresses the health of the living soil microbiology by relying on products that enhance soil health and minimize environmental impact. While some of these products are not certified organic, they are carefully and consciously selected to ensure that they are safe for the soil, waterways, wildlife, and people. Organic and Biological Land Care fosters healthy ecosystems, beginning with the soil micro-organisms and plants but equally focused on animals and people. The sustained health of the planet depends on the ecological diversity, resilience, and sustainability of ecosystems. Our landscapes are often designed to protect the diversity of the land and its surroundings, including native plants and wildlife habitats. In nature, ecosystems sustain themselves with no intervention. We make every effort to mimic those systems in our managed landscapes. When we do intervene, we prefer to use local sources and renewable materials. Facebook